Playing For Keeps in Situ

Today was the day I put my ideas, thoughts, inspiration etc etc in situ. 
Today was, the day.

Everyone take a gander and criticise, all you like.I’m telling you now, (Jodie and Oli) This was so fucking hard to draw up on concrete. The top of my fingers were grazing against the concrete, callus appeared in seconds. Thankfully and fortunately, myboyfriend and myniece helped me out. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without those extra, loving, hands. 

So, I did print out three A4 guides as shown in the first picture and tried my best to imitate them on the ground. I even tried using rulers, but it was still so difficult to draw up because the chalk tip was so thick. The kerning isn’t exactly perfect. I might have to talk to good ol’ type nazi about this. Maybe it won’t matter when I put the footage altogether, I’m hoping not. 

And yes, I finally shot the scenes for my title sequence. I still haven’t gone through them. I might just do that now. 


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