TYPOGRAPHY Inspiration

This post is solely for Jodie and her lust for good type. 

- - - 

If you refer back to the post Black and White / Type and Titles, you will get the sort of mood I’d like to direct my typography towards. 

However, instead of purely imitating the fonts from the B&W era, I’d like to also introduce and draw on a trending contemporary type style, Chalk Typography, made notorious by the NY designer Dana Tanamachi. Here are some examples from Tanamachi herself and others. 

Here are some photoshop pseudo ones that still look great;


I woud love to take the characteristics of the above typography to work into my title sequence. The texture of the chalk coincides well the use of chalk in the movie. The extra embellishments fit well with the genre as it takes elements from the black and white silent era.

Just the overall use of tactile type is what gets me. The precision of the kerning and leading to create something dynamic. I hope to be able to express these characteristics in my title sequence. It seems like a fucking difficult task to me. But let’s see if I can pull this off in the next 4 weeks. 



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